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At 18, in search of adventure, I found myself with my hair blowing in the wind in the back of a truck, not far from the Iranian border. That day, I was struck by lightning. A flash of lightning, a revelation. To travel... to travel at all costs; far, always further... For a while, this nascent passion was buried under the prep school, the competitive examination and the veterinary studies. However, at the first opportunity, I bought a motorcycle, a single cylinder that shakes, an XT500, a machine that moves your guts! From that moment on, the trips followed one another, interspersed with veterinary replacements. Paris-Dakar as a dilettante, then the crossing of Africa to Cape Town with Isabelle. Incredible experience, one of those that changes a man! This is what I want to do: live while traveling, live from my travels! 18 months in French Guyana taking care of zebus and more and more incursions by motorcycle in Amazonia. Riding up the impetuous river, Manaus, Caracas and the gold fever... Then a year with Isabelle, around South America. But you have to see further! Almost 4 years on a motorcycle around the world in search of very rare animal species: expeditions with three Euro in the pocket, from the Ruwenzori on the trail of the gorillas to the tree kangaroos of Papua New Guinea. And always this furious desire to see everything and to live it! We convince the TV to follow us. Two years interspersed with the shootings of "Adventures in the Wild", a series that works well! Then other shootings and a second, then a third book. But the savage is finally me who cannot bend to the constraints of a world with codes so far from real life. Too much freedom in the lungs, no doubt... So what to do? Set up a conservation project on the last rhinos in Cameroon! Then investigate undercover the ivory trade in Central Africa... a way to keep my animal fiber alive. A few years pursuing poachers of the great hunt, that of the elephant, tracing for TRAFFIC the channels, from Bangui to Kinshasa, from Goma to Garoua... Then putting the traffickers in the shade with my friend Ofir Drori of the NGO Laga! But soon I was "burned" on all the markets of the continent. All these years of travel have taught me to feel at ease at the other end of the world, to live from nothing, to venerate the simple people and life, their customs and their pride, their desire to remain what they have always been... My counter shows 100, a hundred countries crossed but I can still climb in the towers! there is still under the pedal and I do not get tired of it. Traveling to the end, for stories now in pictures. Strong images, preferably! An addiction, a perpetual search, like the movement I love above all!